New central heating service available for Xinju residents

Around 3,000 households in Xinju Residential Community will have access to central heating this winter, Harbin Daily reported.

The heating service in Xinju Residential Community, which is managed by Xingda Realty Management Company, has been the target of frequent complaints for poor heating and environmental problems.

The previous heating system was supported by small coal-fired boilers, resulting in indoor winter temperatures of around 16 C to 18 C. Residents had to supplement their central heating with their own electric heaters.

In addition, open-air stacks of ash in the residential community caused air pollution when it was windy.

Xingda Realty Management Company handed over its heating rights to Hatou Heating Co as its heating service does not meet national environmental protection standards.

The old coal-fired boilers in Xinju Residential Community will soon be dismantled, and a proper central heating service will be available this winter.