Rehearsal for Magic Romance held in Harbin

A rehearsal for Magic Romance was held on June 23 at Central Grand Theater at Harbin Wanda Wonderland.

The performance was witnessed by a diverse audience along with representatives of the media.

The theater, which is brand new, was planned and built by an experienced international team.

France’s SOKOL Company, which has 33 years of experience in staging large productions, is the team behind the new production.

The performance the company has created has been well-received so far, and includes singing, dancing, skiing, and a cycling performance.

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards in China, more and more people have disposable income to spend on entertainment.

Entertainment companies are increasingly trying to meet the demands of consumers by providing high-quality entertainment.

Harbin Wanda Town has a variety of entertainment facilities to complement the theater, including a theme park, the world’s biggest indoor snow amusement park, and a movie park. There is also a commercial center.

The entertainment complex is another big cultural and tourism facility for tourists. The new Wanda town will be the third for the company, along with Nanchang Wanda town and Hefei Wanda town.

Wanda Group is also building cultural and tourism towns in another seven cities across China, including Wuxi, Guilin and Guangzhou.

More of Magic Romance will be revealed when Harbin Wanda Town opens to the public on June 30.