Wanda Cultural and Tourism Town opens in Harbin
2017-07-03    harbin.gov.cn

Wanda Chairman Wang Jianlin vowed to ensure Harbin’s Wanda Cultural and Tourism Town would be a world-class tourist destination at the opening ceremony on June 30.

As the sixth large cultural and tourism project for Wanda group, Harbin Wanda Cultural and Tourism Town opened to the public on June 30.

It is the only Wanda town in Northeast China, attracting the highest level of investment compared to the other Wanda towns.

Located in Songbei district, the town covers an area of 80 hectares and contains the largest cinema in Northeast China and the largest indoor ski park in the world.

The indoor ski park has six categories of snow track with different gradients. The park, with a total recreation area of 15,000 square meters, has a capacity of 3,000.

A skating venue located in the town can host various activities, including major international competitions.

There is also a grand theater which has nearly 2,000 seats. Performances such as Magic Romance will be staged for the entertainment of visitors.

Wanda Group will become a major event site for Harbin, according to a strategic cooperation agreement signed with Harbin government on June 30. It will host big events such as an ice and snow festival, concerts, and international marathons, according to the agreement.