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Tourist Attractions

Sun Island Scenic Area: It, located on the northern bank of the Songhua River, is a floodplain wetland scenic area located in the center of the city, with its core scenic spot occupying an area of 15 km2, its planned area being 38 km2 and peripheral protected area covering an area of 88 km2. It is also a state-level scenic spot, famous for its unique natural northern scenery and romantic European-style views, boasting towering old trees, vast swamps, blue sky, clear water, pure springs, roaring waterfalls, shady trees, singing birds and fragrant flowers. Its sun bathing spot, covering an area of 90,000 km2, creates a wild river beach bathing place for visitors with rustic, rough, and natural wilderness scenery. The Sun Island Snow and Ice Art Museum enable tourists to enjoy magic ice sculpture and snow landscapes on hot summer days; the newly-built Yu Zhixue Art Museum, Russian Art Exhibition Hall, Northern Folk Art Boutique Museum, the Sun Island Art Museum, Harbin Ice and Snow Culture Exhibition Hall and the Sun Island Sino-Russian Oil Painting Artistic Creation Exchange Base allow tourists to enjoy the artistic charm of the ice and snow culture; the Russian-style Town and Harbin-Niigata Friendship Park exhibit strong exotic customs; such scenic spots as the Deer Park and Squirrel Island are refreshing to tourists; in the 56-hectare bird sanctuary in the northern part of the scenic area, green grass and woods provide a good ecological environment for birds to migrate, feed and breed.

Central Street: It was built in 1898, and has now developed into a bustling commercial street with a total length of 1450m, starting from the Songhua River Flood Control Monument in the north and extending to Jingwei Street in the south. Central Street involves the four most influential architecture schools in the history of Western architecture and almost 300 years of the most glamorous cultural development history of Europe. Due to this, people usually compare it with Regent Street in London, the Champs Elysees Avenue in Paris, Linden Street in Berlin, Ginza Street in Tokyo, the Bund in Shanghai and Victoria Avenue in Tianjin. Walking on Central Street, tourists feel like they have entered a foreign country. 

Ice and Snow World: The park area, located on the north bank of the Songhua River, to the west of the Harbin-Heihe Highway, adjacent to Harbin Sun Island Scenic Area, is a large ice and snow paradise integrating ice and snow animation, ice and snow shows, ice acrobatics, and ice sculpture exhibitions and perfectly combining technology, art and culture. When night falls, the brilliant ice and snow world becomes magical and magnificent. 

Harbin Polarland: Located in the beautiful Sun Island Scenic Area, it is the world's first polar animal-performing amusement park. The newly launched Polar Whale Dazzle Voice Orchestra has brought together the world's leading polar animal celebrities to perform the world's top seven classic performances here. In the world’s unique polar beluga subaqueous show, a polar beluga and two beauty trainers jointly perform a world-touching legend “Heart of the Ocean"! The Antarctic penguin Mambo, the world's first penguin born in an inland city, is more a tourism mascot of Harbin City than a happy angel filled with unusual but wonderful ideas. China's coolest polar bear brothers and magic talent sea lion Billy and his pop star group present you with a fantastic polar land show feast.

Dragon Tower: Short for Heilongjiang Radio and Television Tower, it is a comprehensive multi-functional tower integrating radio and television transmission, tourism and sightseeing, catering and entertainment, advertising and communication, and wireless communication, the highest tower in Asia and the second highest tower in the world. It is rich in internal resources, and Dragon Tower Technology Park, known as "Longjiang No.1 Paradise" is a national youth science education practice base; "Qin Terracotta Battle Formation Show" exhibits a magnificent momentum and allows you to experience the charm of terracotta warriors. The "Dragon Descendant Wax Museum" contains about 40 wax statues of emperors such as Emperor Qinshihuang, Wu Zetian, and Genghis Khan. On the 181-meter-high sightseeing floor, there is the first celebrity hand shape museum in China, where about 300 hand shapes of celebrities from all walks of life are collected, comparable with the Hollywood Walk of Fame; a UFO revolving restaurant at the height of 186m covers an area of 1256m2, with a comfortable and elegant environment, providing exquisite Chinese and Western delicacies. 

Siberian Tiger Park: Located on the north bank of the Songhua River, it is the world's largest Siberian tiger breeding center and the rare animal appreciation park, integrating appreciation, entertainment, science education, summer heat escape and vacation, constructed on the basis of protecting the rare animals, Siberian tigers, with the aim to returning tigers to the forests, and bringing a spiritual respect for tigers. The park consists of an adult tiger park, a cub park, a deer park, a bear park, a science education center and an entertainment area. 

Yabuli Ski Resort: Located 25km southeast of Yabuli Town, Shangzhi City, it is the largest ski resort in China and has successively undertaken all snow events of such national and international games as the Fifth and Seventh National Winter Games, the Third Asian Winter Games and the 24th Universiade Games. It has complete ski resort service facilities and a Windmill Mountain Villa with a grand scale, which can guarantee the accommodation and rest of those involved in the games during the sports events and receives tourists and vacationers at ordinary times. 

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