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Harbin invested CNY 5.22 billion in fixed assets in Q1 with a growth rate of 10.7%
1.4 percentage points higher than national average, growth ranked first among four northeastern cities
2022- 05- 09

On 5th, May, Shu Yang, a member from the Party organization for Municipal Development and Reform Commission, introduced situations with regard to construction of large scale projects and expansion of investment in Harbin, on the Harbin 51st Briefing for Pandemic prevention and control.

As from the beginning of this year, Harbin is deeply practising Xi’s thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the new era, implementing requirements presented on the municipal economic work  conference and “take the lead in five fields” from all aspects, focusing on the objectives of struggle for create “Seven big cities” proposed by the 15th Municipal Congress of the CPC, persistently considering projects, expansion of investment and optimization of supply structure as key channels for driving high-quality development. Harbin has actively planned and implemented a batch of major projects. In Q1, Harbin as a whole had invested CNY 5.22 billion in fixed assets with a growth rate of 10.7%, which is 1.4 percentage points than the national average. This growth rate ranks first among four northeastern cities. A good opening is realized.

At the beginning of this year, Harbin defined the first batch of 400 major projects with a total investment of CNY 334.1 billion, and an annual planned investment of 56 billion, of which, 255 are industrial projects with a total investment of 219.2 billion; 91 are major infrastructure projects with a total investment of 93.8 billion; 54 are projects with a total investment of 21.1 billion for improving weak links of social undertakings. Harbin is focusing on the construction of “A city of Advanced manufacturing” and “A city of Modern Agriculture”. Harbin has planned and implemented a batch of equipment manufacturing projects and deep processing projects for green agricultural products, which include the new Dong’an Base for New energy & Hybrid systems, Industrialization of intelligent surgical robots developed by Harbin Intelligent Surgery, Feihe Industrial park of milk products, Yihaikerry digital rice processing, etc. Harbin is focusing on building of “A leading city of innovation” and “A city of creative design”. Harbin has planned and implemented a batch of digital economic projects covering Phase II of China Unicom Data center, Digital Intelligent Valley of Liandong U Valley, etc.; a batch of bioeconomic projects include Voolga Northern Beauty Valley, Nebula Gene Innovation center for Precise Medical Treatment and Health, etc. Harbin is also focusing on the construction of “A city of Ice&snow culture”, “A habitable and happy city” and “A city of northward opening”. It has planned and implemented a batch of major projects to benefit the future and public livelihood, which include Sino-Russian cultural industrial park, Four-season Ice&snow in Ice&Snow World, East 3rd circle express road, reconstruction of old residential quarters, the New Medical center of New area, Yikang Elders Center, etc. Construction and commission of these projects will certainly play an important role in terms of driving the adjustment of industrial structure in Harbin, promoting industrial transformation and upgrade, and will certainly play an important supporting role in terms of enhance municipal functions and quality, and further deepen the public feeling of gain and happiness. It will gather power for Harbin to play the leading role as a capital city and realize high-quality development. 

In the next step, we will deepen the implementation of the spirits of The 13th Provincial Congress of the CPC, insist on the idea of “Project-directed, Business attraction-oriented and implementation-centered” under the strong leadership of Municipal Party Committee and municipal government, make great efforts to rely on construction of high-quality project and continuously expand effective investment, thus provide the power engine for all-around and overall revitalization of Harbin. First, improve the quality and expansion the capacity of provincial and municipal major projects. Based on the first batch of 400 provincial and municipal major projects in this year, start sorting and screening works for the second batch of major projects, dynamically supplement a batch of projects with regard to advanced manufacturing industry, major infrastructure, ecological environmental protection, as well as to strengthen the weak links in social field. Establish a rich atmosphere for firmly grasping project construction featured as “comparison on planning&reserves, business attraction&investment, commencement&progression, services&actual effect” in the whole city. Second, spare no effort to improve both quality and efficiency of services. Continuously perfect working mechanisms for leaders’ charge and guarantee, task force for promotion, corporate staying services for major projects. Make better control on three lists of “Request to the superior, element guarantee and coordination against issues”. Better steward for projects, promote early implementation, quick construction, as well as early commission and production of projects. Thirdly, spare no effort to do proper planning and reserving. Actively serve national strategic demands, integrate into new national and provincial development patterns, closely stick to the orientation of national policies and directions of investment, especially those fields that will help our city to realize “overtaking at a turn”, which covering digital economy, bioeconomy, Ice&snow industry, cultural innovation, etc. Continue to generate and reserve a batch of major projects with a big investment, high scientific and technological content, powerful driving capacity and a better demonstration effect. Further strengthen the rolling promotion mechanisms for projects featured as “commence a batch, construct a batch, complete a batch and reserve a batch”. 

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