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Chinese “Ice City” assisting and adding glamours to Winter Olympics
2022- 02- 14

travelers are appreciating in front of a snow sculpture in the park of Sun Island Snow Expo,Jan2,2022.[Photo/Zhang Tao]

Xinhua Harbin reported (by reporters Li Jianping, Wang Jian) on Feb.,10th that, as Beijing Olympic came, Harbin, the Chinese Ice City, is assisting and adding glamour to Winter Olympics in a unique way. This city with the gene of ice and snow is magically changed itself to a “kingdom of Ice & Snow” to welcome the grand meeting of Winter Olympics passing over the Olympic spirits.

After the Beginning of Spring, the night atmospheric temperature in Harbin is still below -20. In Harbin Ice-Snow World at the bank of Songhua River, Buildings constructed with ice blocks are dazzling and glittering in a dreamlike image in night.

Harbin Ice-Snow at this time is focusing on elements of Winter Olympics, with a theme of “Shining the world with the light of Winter Olympics”. The park is divided into seven zones including: Light of Winter Olympics, Sanctuary of Five Rings, Peak of shining, Dreamy ice field, Happy gathering, Passionate snow tubes and Snow mountain gliding.

“It’s really beautiful.” With red candied haws on sticks in hands, Li Min, a traveller from Southern China, and her friends are taking group photos in front of one torch-like ice sculpture building. She is “armed to the teeth”, her eyelashes are frozen, but she appears to be very happy. 

Swan goose, a work awarded with First Prize of 28th National snow sculpture competition, Jan14,2022.[Photo/Zhang Tao]

The Ice & Snow World is a gorgeous municipal business card. The floor space of the 23rd Harbin Ice-Snow World is 820,000 m2, in which 230,000 m3 of ice and snow are consumed to construct 65 groups of ice & snow landscape, and reveal a grandiose and dreamy ice & snow wonder.

Hu Song, an ice sculptor, is one of over 2000 builders for Harbin Ice-Snow World at this time. “I have devoted myself in ice and snow sculpturing for 17 years. However, this year is very peculiar, because the Winter Olympics is closest to me.”

In the center of Harbin Ice-Snow World Park, a 42m-high “Peak of sacred flame” is solemnly and sublimely standing like an ignited torch of Olympic flame. It integrates triple design philosophies of temporal spatial sketch, Olympic impression, Ice & Snow sacred flame, includes sketches of all previous Winter Olympics to form a temporal-spatial matrix. Travelers passing through it may feel the elegance of previous Winter Olympics.

Hu Song said, “It is a very good innovation to make sacred flame with ice. These buildings surrounding the sacred flame are inspired by host countries for previous Winter Olympics, which stand for these countries are regathering around sacred flame of Winter Olympics. ”

To assist and add glamour to Beijing Winter Olympics, The beauty of ice and snow is bursting into bloom. In the tranquil and grandiose Harbin Sun Island, a jumbo snow sculpture built from the prototypes of mascots for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games “Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Shuey Rhon Rhon” is standing on this island. This 30m-high jumbo mascot snow sculpture appears to open its arms to greeting the coming of travelers from the world. 

 travelers are playing in Harbin Ice-Snow World Park (a UAV photo),Jan2,2022. [Photo/Zhang Tao]

Entered into the season of ice and snow, many ice sculpture competitions have taken place in the park of Harbin Ice lantern Art Garden Party, of which, one group of ice sculpture works named “Winter Olympics players” is most attractive. This group has not only revealed the emblem of Beijing Winter Olympics, but also formed bright and brave figures of three Winter Olympic athletes. To provide a chance to travelers to appreciate the beauty of ice lanterns and feel the spirits of Winter Olympics during amusing, travelling and playing, this Harbin Ice Later Art Garden Party is gratis opening to the society.

Zhang Guihai, the President of HLJ Provincial Institute of Ice & Snow Industries, said, Harbin has created a grandiose “kingdom of ice and snow” to passing Olympic spirits through grand and magnificent ice & snow sculpture, crystal clear ice sculpture buildings, dazzling and glittering night scenes, colorful and glaring special light effects.

As a city that holding ice and snow sports in an earlier time in China, Harbin has trained a large quantity of ice and snow players. Among 176 athletes of Chinese sports delegation for Beijing Winter Olympics, 41 athletes are from Harbin, including Ren Ziwei, the champion of Men’s 1000m short-track speed skating.

In recent years, with dependence on the exceptional advantages of natural ice and snow resources, Harbin has conducted ice & snow tourism, ice & snow art, ice & snow trading, ice & snow sports and other series of ice and snow activities, in order to promote the integrated development between ice & snow sports, ice & snow culture and tourism.

Harbin, the city praised as the “pearl on the Ice & Snow Crown of China”, is exuding its unique charm for Winter Olympics. 

(From: Xinhua )

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