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Harbin printed and distributed bylaws for participation of large scale enterprises in exhibition
2021- 12- 09

A few days ago, Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Harbin formulated, printed and distributed Implementation bylaws on subsidy plan for booth fees of large scale industrial enterprises participating in an exhibition in Harbin. Full booth fees will be subsidized for large-scale manufacturing enterprises in Harbin (include large-scale individual industrial operators) who will participate in the domestic and foreign exhibitions for manufacturing industry organized by municipal government.

All enterprises to be subsidized are required to be normally operated large-scale manufacturing enterprises who are qualified for independent legal personality, and who had registered and paid taxes in the administrative division of Harbin (including large-scale individual industrial operators) and did not violate against any law or discipline, break any promise, nor have connections to the underworld. 

Those enterprises who have actually paid the booth fee will be fully subsidized after they submitted their declaration. Meanwhile, a subsidy will be provided on the principle of “pay at the highest level without any repetition” for the same project and same matter compliant with policies and matters, meanwhile, compliant with other provisions of subsidy policies specified by Harbin (include policy provisions for supporting funds required by national and provincial governments and provided at municipal level).

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