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“Punch your card” (Travelling) in Harbin, enjoying fun!
Activities of “Harbin people visiting Harbin” are about to be started. Ice city cultural tourism enterprises, grounds and halls in scenic areas as well as citizen tourist are invited to “form a group” and set out
2020- 09- 22

When Wuhua Mountain and trees are all tinged, spread into beautiful oil painting, Ice City-Harbin opens a paper for the new season of beautiful golden autumn.

At the beginning of this year, the abrupt epidemic made people estranged people from the city to a certain extent. Many people gave their voices in one media survey conducted in this May Day that: “I am living in Harbin, I miss this city very much”. While in another survey of “where do you most want to go?”, Harbin and surrounding tourism became the first choice of citizens.

At the moment with normalized epidemic prevention and control, home town travel become the most convenient journey, and even the scenic areas cannot be missed. Harbin, a place where we are together all the time, conceals many beautiful scenery that are yet unknown by us, many lines that are not traced by us, as well as many unlocked codes of civilization. Autumn scenery becoming deeper, it is the best season of Harbin. Go on a trip in mountains, lingering about the city, attend an appointment, visiting Harbin, and set out soon.

The large theme activity of “Joyful season of autumn sightseeing - Harbin people visiting Harbin” cosponsored by Harbin Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism and Harbin Daily Press is about to be commenced. Main contents of this activity are “love hometown, appreciate the Ice city and “I punch my card””. 15 classic tourist routes with 6 themes are introduced at this time to create a super grand feast of cultural tourism.

6 themes, 15 routes, cool playing all the way

 Six themes are planned for this activity on the basis of tourism resources and characteristics of autumn tours in Harbin, that is, stargazing travel in ecological suburbans with mountains and waters, travel of pastoral picking and appreciation of autumn scenery in mountains, travel of folk culture, popular science and study tour, travel of revolutionary culture and historic sites, travel for enjoyment of urban cultural audio-visual plays, along with the travel of European style old streets and new districts.

The sponsor deliberately selected 15 classic tourism routes oriented toward these six themes, which covering almost every Class A scenic spots in Harbin, as well as some deeply concealed internet famous attractions. All routes as well as grounds and halls in scenic spots included will be launched at the commencement of activity.

 Rich contents of activity themes, classic routes as well as beautiful mountain and water scenery along the way will feast your eyes and bring you with spiritual comforts along the way. Punch your cards in your hometown. Enjoy yourself and do cool plays!

Distribute preferential travel cards valued at 15 million Yuan for travelling randomly in the Ice city

Latest data suggested that the National Day tourism market has been started. Harbin is ranked in the Top 10 list of “hot cities” searched nationwide, the booked quantity of hotels for National Day golden week increased year over year by 20.8%. Industry participants believe that, golden autumn is overlapped with double festivals, Harbin tourism will greet one “explosive” recovery.

On September 15, Harbin played its “new unique skills” to promote cultural tourism: distribute Harbin 48h preferential travel cards valued at 15 million Yuan, which was an exhilarated news for citizens and tourists and popped up a shopping rush. The preferential travel cards became the hottest item at that time. Whenever the preferential travel cards meet Wuhua Mountain or Golden week or activities for “Joyful season of autumn sightseeing - Harbin people visiting Harbin”, it will become the best timing for consumption or tourism scene for citizens holding cards or coupons.

Six themes and 15 routes for such activity will become the “absolute undertakers”.

During this activity, citizens holding cards (coupons) will be invited to form a tourism appraisal team for field tourism experiencing, conduct tourism evaluation and write travel notes.

In combination with distribution of preferential travel cards and cultural tourism consumption coupons, this activity will also launch competitions for photo shooting and videoing for “Beautiful Ice city and golden autumn”. Citizens holding cards (coupons) who recorded the “top beauty” in eyes with their mobile phones during the travelling process in scenic spots belong to this activity will have a chance to obtain tickets for scenic spots, hotel accommodation, cultural and creative products or similar prizes.

 New scenes and new play methods are presenting. Activities are continuing

This “Joyful season of autumn sightseeing - Harbin people visiting Harbin” will also launch multiple theme activities include “rural tourism carnivals”, “Festival of flower appreciation in Wuhua Mountain”, “selection of best route, most beautiful homestay, hottest punched attraction”, in order to present various scenes and playing methods for cultural tourism. Activities are continuous.

“Rural tourism carnival” will be oriented toward the theme of “Appoint in rural areas of the Ice city to enjoy more beauty than one can take in”. All scenic spots for rural tourism will launch in-mountain summer resort, stargazing in suburban, pastoral picking, vacationing in a village and other series of characteristic and preferential items for rural tourism.

As for “The festival of flower appreciation in Wuhua Mountain”, mountain claiming will be conducted in the form of “relaying to reach the summit”, punch cards one by one in the beautiful Wuhua Mountain in the surrounding area of Harbin.

The activity will also launch selections for best routes for self-drive tour, most beautiful homestay, hottest punched place, etc. in the Ice city, thus change the reputation into a medal through personal experiences of citizen tourists.

The travel for punching your card in your hometown is waiting for you to joint in

This activity is a punctual appointment between Harbin people and Harbin. The sponsor of activity hereby issue an invitation to all citizen tourists: Travelling your hometown in the golden autumn season. I punch my card in my Ice city.

These six themes and 15 routes basically cover quality scenic areas, spots as well as grounds and halls therein in Harbin, however, there are must be some deeply concealed and unknown beautiful scenery as well as newly developed amusing places. We hereby issue the requisition: In this golden autumn, we are waiting for your participation in “Harbin people travelling in Harbin”. 

Welcome all citizen tourists to join in this travel for punching your cards in your hometown. We are looking forward to more scenic areas, spots, grounds and halls to participate in this activity, expecting travel agencies, catering hotels and other enterprises of cultural tourism to join in, and work together to make this activity for “Harbin people travelling in Harbin” richer and more wonderful.

We hope all travel agencies, catering hotels, scenic areas, spots, grounds and halls as well as other enterprises of cultural tourism those joined in this activity can provide better and more convenient services, thus create newer and more beautiful landscapes as well as a better traveling experience.

In addition, we advocate these enterprises of cultural tourism will actively benefit people and offer discounts in this activity, provide citizens and tourists with more preferential tickets for scenic spots, catering group charges as well as other prices and services, let them feel easy in mind, comfortable and happy in the process of traveling in hometown.

As one of sponsors, Harbin Daily Press will make use of quality and abundant media resources, especially new media, to focusing our coverage on this activity in the whole process, detailing all themes and routes for this activity, highlight promotion of scenic areas, spots, cultural and creative products, as well as cultural tourism scenes, etc., record charming beautiful scenery and vivid moments in trips.

Scenic spots, grounds and halls along with enterprises of cultural tourism who applied for join in these six themes and tourism routes shall provide their names of scenic spots, locations, opening hours, landscapes in the scenic spots, characteristic activities and similar information, especially their tourism products and plans to benefit the people for citizen tourists that participated in this activity, and submit them to the E-mail for this activity: by September 26.

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