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Promote Full Coverage of the Reform of “Separating Permits from Business License”
Harbin issued 15 measures to support development of private economy and SMEs
2020- 09- 21

To implement Opinions Regarding Support Development of Private Economy and SMEs, and further promote sustained and healthy development of private economy and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), Administration for Market Regulation of Harbin City issued Implementation Rules for Supporting Development of Private Economy and SMEs in recent days. This rule includes 15 specific measures from five aspects of broadening market access, optimize the exit mechanism for enterprises, reduce incorporation costs of enterprises, implement tolerant and prudent supervision, as well as strengthening intellectual property management.

Revised Implementation Rules for Registration of Domiciles (Business Premises) of Market Entities in Harbin. List all industries whose operations or business scopes are banned by laws in to the negative list for domiciles (business premises) of market entities. Dynamically adjust and publicize it, all applicants involved any content of the list cannot submit any application to a registration authority. Registration conditions for domiciles will be broadened for enterprises excluded in the list, thus create a better environment for business start-up and development of more market entities. 

Intensify the reform of registration system for domiciles and business premises. All domiciles registered as a domicile (or business premise) for a market entity shall be subject to an applicant self-commitment system. A Letter of Commitment for Register a Domicile (or Business Premise) for a Market Entity shall be signed and directly submitted to the registration agency by an applicant. It is not required to obtain any certificate from the competent subdistrict office or the people’s government of a town.

Promote the reform of simple cancellation. Timely promote and deepen the reform of simple cancellation, incorporate unlisted corporations, professional farmers cooperatives into the range of reform apart from those market entities governed by the former procedure of simple cancellation. Compress the duration of proclamation for registration of simple cancellation from 45 days (natural days) to 20 days (natural days); establish a fault-tolerance mechanism, those enterprises who have applied for registration of simple cancellation but have been determined by the registration authority as not governed by the procedure of simple cancellation are permitted to apply the registration for simple cancellation as per the procedure again after related situations disappeared.

Optimize registration procedures for ordinary cancellation. Optimize the procedure for enterprises to register a liquidation team at a corporate registration authority, adjust the procedure of corporate announcement through newspapers to corporate announcement of liquidation team information and declarations on “National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System” without any charge by enterprises themselves. In addition, only application form(s) for cancellation registration, resolution(s) or decision(s) worked out legally, tax clearance certificates and liquidation reports are required to be submitted, enterprises are not required to submit a Notification on Registration of liquidation team, templates for announcement and similar materials.

Carry out the “one-network transaction” service mode for corporate cancellation. After an enterprise publicly released its announcement of creditors via “National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System” or registered its members of liquidation team at the Administration of market regulation, the Administration of market regulation will forward the information about the enterprise started to liquidation to related departments via “Heilongjiang Provincial Integrated Online Government Affairs Service Platform”, then related departments will advise the enterprise about their respective procedures, modes and results for transaction of cancellation businesses via this platform, thus realize “one network transaction”.

Pave the way for solve puzzling questions regarding corporate cancellation. Innovate modes and methods and provide individualized solutions for cancellation against special puzzling questions such as a resolution cannot be worked out by a limited liability company due to its shareholders refused to cooperate or got lost in contact or other reasons, loss of business license, the undersigned cannot be determined after the change of legal representative, etc.

Accelerating full coverage of the reform of “separating permits from business licenses”. Copy and popularize experiences obtained by pilot units with regard to reform works of “separating permits from business licenses” in Harbin New Area in advance. Conduct full-coverage list management on all matters regarding enterprise business permits at a proper time. Illegal restriction on access of any enterprise (include self-employed businessmen, professional farmers cooperatives) to related industries or fields apart from the list are not permitted.

Government present seals for startups without any charge. Corporate official’s seals, special seals for contracts and special seals for invoicing will be presented by government without any charge to startups after they received their business licenses.

Adjust and optimize the procedure of examination, approval and registration with regard to administrative permission for drugstores. Incorporate four administrative permits and registration certificates include Drug Licenses, Business Licenses for Medical Appliances, Business Licenses for Foods and Registration Certificates for Medical Appliance Businesses into Business Licenses for Foods & Drugs, thus transact “all-in-one certificates” at one time.

Open the green channel of administrative examination and approval for food manufacturing enterprises. Implement “special team management, intervention in advance, guidance in advance and field assistance”. A specialist team will visit at and guide enterprises to auditing design drawings and set up technological processes in advance, thus actually reduce the incorporation costs of enterprises.

Implement “first-time exemption of fine”. Persuasion and education, exhortation and demonstration, administrative guidance and other optional means shall be conducted for standard disposal on  those business behaviors that slightly violate any law or regulation, that are not a subjective deliberate error, did not bring any result of social harm nor any major social influence, that can be immediately corrected after an order for correction or stop is issued. Those behaviors will not be fined at the first time, nor publicized on “National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System (Heilongjiang)”; evaluation of excellent or outstanding enterprises for those enterprises publicized and corrected in place will not be affected.

Promote “zero interviewing” for credit repair. Those enterprises who applied for an exit from the list of abnormally operated enterprises are permitted to submit their applications in the way of e-mails, accepted and examined in advanced, supplement application materials those consistent with e-mails thereafter; all enterprises involved in production or operation of materials for epidemic prevention and control during the epidemic period can be exited in advance and go through formalities for examination and approval after an application and a written promise are submitted by the enterprise; those enterprise whose contacts are temporarily lost under the epidemic influence can be excluded temporarily from the list of abnormally operated enterprises.

Promote development of market entities. Strengthening examinations on business operators without any license, find out reasons for operations without any license, take right policies to correct such issues, actively guide them to transact a business license to change their illegal operations to legal operations. Further popularize the mode of “registration of enterprise clusters”, permit “one license bearing several addresses” and “several licenses registered at one address”.

Formulate Implementation Methods for Rewards Regarding Formulation or Revision of International, National, Industrial or Regional Standards by Private Economy and SMEs in Harbin. Conduct typical demonstration, partner services, online application and other measures to guide private economy and SMEs to carry out or participate in formulation or revision of product and service standards.

Innovate the development mechanism for intellectual property services. Intensify supports, assign special persons to conduct directive guidance on related organizations and enterprises to declare, register, manage and protect trademarks with geographic indications or products with geographic indications. Implement reward policies, enhance the quantity of registered international trademarks. Help enterprises to declare well-known trademarks and realized cross-category protection, thus enhance their comprehensive competitiveness.

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