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The Activity of “Five Integrity Campaigns in Heilongjiang” IS BEING Undertaken in the Province
Forge “Integrity Longjiang” Brand, and accelerate “three-approaching” for integrity, culture and education
2020- 09- 14

In order to work together to build the "Integrity Longjiang" brand, and to promote integrity, culture and education to be close to market entities, close to the people, and close to actual needs, the Provincial Leading Group for the Construction of "Integrity Longjiang" carried out the integrity Longjiang enter the hall, enter the campus, enter the enterprise, enter the market, enter the community activities.

"Integrity Longjiang" enters the hall to carry out standardized, standardized and convenient legal knowledge and credit knowledge education in a timely manner when market entities handle registration, approval, filing and other related businesses. Uniformly produce credit propaganda brochures, solicit integrity propaganda slogans, signs and promote them. Set up a self-service credit check machine to disclose the credit information collected by the Heilongjiang Credit Information Sharing Platform to the public in accordance with the law.

"Integrity Longjiang" enters the campus and held online and offline "Integrity Lectures" in colleges and universities. Carry out practical activities such as the "Integrity Campus" painting contest and the selection of integrity model trees. Use publicity boards, posters, websites, official microblogs and other campus culture carriers to promote integrity knowledge and promote the spirit of integrity.

"Integrity Longjiang" enters the enterprise, incorporates integrity education into the compulsory content of the enterprise's internal learning and training, and continuously strengthens the sense of integrity and law-abiding. Extensively carry out the "Integrity and Business Month" activity to guide enterprises to play a role model of integrity. Further promote the establishment of a integrity system for state-owned enterprises, and actively carry out activities such as "price self-discipline", "no layoffs during the epidemic", "no wages in arrears" and other integrity-fulfilling activities to create a good integrity environment.

"Integrity Longjiang" enters the market, and extensively carried out "Integrity Longjiang" publicity activities using electronic display screens, slogans, and posters. Guide the market to establish a good faith management account for the business operators entering the market. Set up a 12315 consumer rights protection logo in a prominent position in the market, establish a 12315 consumer rights protection service station, quickly accept and mediate consumer disputes, and promote operators to implement the main responsibility of consumer rights protection.

"Integrity Longjiang" enters the community, integrates the culture of integrity into the community cultural propaganda, vigorously promotes the traditional virtues of honoring trust and fulfilling promises, actively advocates the values of honesty and trustworthiness, extensively publicizes Longjiang's innovative practices of integrity and outstanding results, and mobilizes volunteers participate in community integrity publicity services, and create a good atmosphere in which the whole society cares and supports participation in the construction of "Integrity Longjiang".

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