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New Policies and Regulations Are Issued in Harbin City to Further Support the Development of Private Enterprises and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
2020- 09- 14

"Several Opinions of Harbin Municipal People's Government on Supporting the Development of Private Economy and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" was issued and implemented recently. According to the opinions, Harbin will continue to make efforts in creating a fair market environment, reducing corporate operating costs, alleviating financing difficulties and costly financing, supporting corporate innovation and development, supporting corporate talent cultivation and innovation, and further supporting the sustainable development of the private economy and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Create a Fair Market Environment

The Announcement Duration for Simple Cancellation Registration is Timely Shortened to 20 Days from 45 Days

Relax market access. Comprehensively investigate and clean up all kinds of negative lists formulated in violation of regulations, and all types of market entities can enter the industry, fields, and businesses outside the negative list on an equal basis in accordance with the law. In accordance with relevant national policies, timely cancel and reduce the additional conditions for private capital to enter infrastructure and public utilities.

Optimize the exit mechanism of enterprises. Actively promote the classification of tax cancellation, implement the "commitment system" tolerant processing procedures for general tax cancellation of taxpayers who meet the prescribed conditions, and achieve immediate completion. The "one network" service for cancellation was implemented, and the announcement duration for simple cancellation registration was shortened from 45 days to 20 days (natural days) in a timely manner.

Improve the market supervision system. Carry out "double random, one open" supervision work, except for the explicit requirements of superiors and complaints and reports, in principle, all administrative inspections are carried out through double random inspections, and similar inspections are not more than once a year for each enterprise; after the random inspection plan and items are formulated Immediately publicize, and the results of random inspections will be disclosed to the public within 20 days after the inspection.

Establish a integrity performance mechanism. Establish a mechanism for tracing and assuming the responsibility of government untrustworthiness, and severely deal with those responsible for “new officials ignore old accounts” who fail to honor their promises in accordance with the agreement; private enterprises need to change government commitments and contracts due to national interests, social public interests, or other legal reasons any losses suffered by the agreement shall be compensated according to law. We will coordinate and promote the work of clearing up outstanding debts to private enterprises. All outstanding debts free from disputes shall be cleared by the end of October 2020, and new debts must be strictly prevented.

Reduce the Corporate Operating Costs

Enterprise-Related Fees and Deposits Will Be Implemented according to the Lowest Standard

Reduce tax costs. For eligible enterprises in difficulty, implement tax assistance measures such as deferred tax payment. All enterprise-related fee items established without legal and regulatory basis, without approval in accordance with regulations, and beyond their authority shall be cancelled.

If there are upper and lower limit standards for enterprise-related fees and deposits, the lower limit standards must be implemented, and the deposits should be refunded in a timely manner in accordance with regulations, unless there are specific regulations in the documents containing policies and regulations.

Reduce energy costs. Implement the two-part electricity price for industrial enterprises, and guide industrial enterprises to choose the basic electricity fee payment method according to the characteristics of production electricity and transformer capacity, contract maximum demand, actual maximum demand, etc., and timely handle suspension and capacity reduction to reduce enterprise electricity consumption cost.

Reduce land costs. According to the type of industry and production cycle, within the legal maximum transfer period of industrial land (50 years), the transfer period of industrial land shall be determined according to the flexibility of enterprise demand. For industrial projects that are included in the province’s priority development industry catalogue and have intensive land use, when determining the floor price of land transfer, it can be implemented at not less than 70% of the lowest price standard for industrial land corresponding to the local land class.

Alleviate Financing Difficulty and Costly Financing

Establish an Online Operation Platform with Joint Involvement from Governments, Banks and Enterprises

Deepen the industry integration and cooperation. Use provincial and municipal enterprise financing service platforms, public service platforms and other service carriers to regularly publish the financing needs of enterprises in our city to solve the problem of information asymmetry between the supply and demand of funds.

Support the direct financing of enterprises. 2 million Yuan will be awarded to backup enterprises that have passed the inspection and acceptance of the Heilongjiang Securities Regulatory Bureau and plan to be listed in the country; private enterprises that declare to be listed on the National Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Share Transfer System (New Third Board) and are officially accepted will be rewarded 1 million Yuan; For small and medium-sized enterprises that adopt equity financing to introduce private equity funds, venture capital institutions and strategic investors, a one-time reward of up to 1 million Yuan will be given at 4% of the total amount of foreign capital introduced.

Reduce corporate financing costs. Focus on increasing loan subsidies for scientific and technological innovation and high-growth enterprises with strong innovation capabilities and promising development prospects, and reduce their interest costs. Conduct assessments and reports on the support of private economic development by banks in Harbin, and reward financial institutions and their leadership members with outstanding achievements.

Alleviate corporate financing difficulties. Establish an online operation platform with the participation of government, banks and enterprises to guide various financial institutions to implement business types such as non-repayable loan renewal, use of revolving loans, annual review loans, etc., and reasonably set loan periods and repayment methods to effectively reduce the capital circulation costs for private enterprises.

Support Corporate Innovation and Development

A Bonus and Allowance Amount to Ten Million Yuan Will Be Granted to Integrated Development Model and Application-Oriented New R&D Organizations

Support the construction of innovation platforms. Support the construction of the integrated development model of "mass creation space + incubator + accelerator" and application-oriented new R&D organizations. According to the construction scale and investment amount of the integrated development model and application-oriented new R&D organizations, the actual investment of 10% shall not exceed 10 million Yuan's bonus. Encourage and support private enterprises to invest (including leasing) in independently constructing or jointly constructing new R&D institutions (industry technology research institute and technical innovation center, etc.) integrated with service functions like clustering scientific and technological talents, transforming scientific and technological achievements and incubating technology enterprises with independent legal person qualifications through cooperation with colleges or universities, conducting yearly performance assessments according to functional indicators and the operation bonus and allowance no more than 1 million Yuan will be granted according to operational inputs.

Cultivate innovative enterprises. Implement the "Young Eagle Plan" and grant 300,000 to 1 million Yuan in funding for eligible start-up technology-oriented enterprises. Implement the "Wings-out Plan", and provide scientific and technological financial support such as equity financing and loan guarantees to start-ups that have passed the evaluation of national technology-based SMEs or recognized as high-tech enterprises. The implementation of the "Gazelle Plan" will provide financial support to high-tech enterprises that are in line with the "4+4" modern industrial system in Harbin and have a leapfrog rapid development trend. Carry out the cultivation of "specialized, special and new" enterprises, and give a one-time reward of 1 million Yuan to the newly recognized "little giant" enterprise of national specialization, special and new.

Support schools to carry out in-situ transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The school in Harbin, where scientific and technological achievements have been transformed and industrialized in our city’s enterprises, will be awarded the school’s achievement transformation team no more than 1 million Yuan based on its new tax contribution.

Strengthen intellectual property management. 500,000 Yuan will be awarded to social organizations that newly register China's geographical indication trademarks and products protected by China's geographical indications, and enterprises newly recognized as Chinese well-known trademarks. Provide subsidies to enterprises that enter the international market to register overseas trademarks, and the maximum subsidy amount does not exceed 50,000 Yuan. Presided over the formulation of international, national, industry and local standards for enterprises, and international standards have been approved and issued by the International Organization for Standardization, national standards have been approved and issued by the standardization administrative department of the State Council, and industry standards and local standards have been filed with the standardization administrative department of the State Council Rewards of 500,000 Yuan, 300,000 Yuan, 200,000 Yuan and 100,000 Yuan respectively.

Support the digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises. For growth-oriented manufacturing companies with annual sales revenue increasing by more than 20% year-on-year and digital and intelligent technological transformation projects with an actual annual investment of more than 1 million Yuan, a maximum of not more than 1 million Yuan will be given according to 20% of the actual annual investment Subsidy. Support the construction of digital and intelligent factories for enterprises, and for manufacturing enterprises with a total investment of 5 million to 20 million Yuan in new fixed assets digital and intelligent factory projects, subsidies will be given according to 20% of the actual fixed asset investment in the year.

Support Corporate Talent Cultivation and Innovation

An Allowance Amounts to 200,000 Yuan Will Be Granted to the Post-doctoral Scientific Research Workstations Newly-Established by Private Enterprises

Support the innovative development of corporate talents. For the newly established post-doctoral scientific research workstations of private enterprises, the municipal finance grants 200,000 Yuan to build the station, and at the same time, the provincial finance subsidies and the municipal finance part are directly subsidized to enterprises. If the research project of a Ph.D. in the station is in line with the development direction of key industries in Harbin, upon review, a research subsidy of 50,000 Yuan per person and a living allowance of 3,000 Yuan per person per month can be given.

Support enterprises to increase talent training. Enterprises that have been approved to set up practice bases will receive a subsidy of 500 Yuan per person per period according to the number of college graduates they accept. Strengthen the construction of high-skilled talents in private enterprises, give a one-time bonus of 50,000 Yuan to the skilled talents of private enterprises who have been rated as "Harbin Great Craftsman", and a one-time bonus of 20,000 Yuan for those who are identified as chief technicians, which are recognized as technology experts will be given a one-time bonus of 10,000 Yuan. A subsidy of 50,000 Yuan will be given to those certified as municipal skilled master studios.

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