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Gift Packs Are Ready for Talents Coming to Harbin City for Employment and Venturing
A resettlement allowance amounts to 100,000 Yuan plus a housing purchase allowance to 100,000 Yuan will be granted to doctoral graduates, in additional to a monthly living subsidy of 3,000 Yuan
2020- 09- 13

Recently, “The Notice for Implementation Details for Printing and Distributing the Resettlement Allowance, Housing Purchase Subsidy and Living Subsidy Granted to Talents Coming to Harbin for Employment and Venturing” is issued by the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. It’s reported that the talents coming to Harbin for employment and venturing will be granted with resettlement allowance, housing purchase allowance and living subsidy.

The “new introduction” and “new employment” in the document refers to those signing the labor (employment) contract, paying social insurance and settling down in the city for the first time since printing and distributing of “The Notice on Certain Policies Concerning Encouraging Talents Coming to Harbin for Employment, Venturing and Settle-down Printed and Distributed by Harbin Municipal People’s Government” (HZG [2020] No. 11) on July 2, 2020; “the enterprises in 9 urban areas” refer to various enterprises as state-owned enterprises and private enterprises registered in 9 urban areas; the graduates “graduated within 5 years” refer to those not signing labor contracts and paying social insurances in the city within 5 years before the declaring year; those graduates with household register in Harbin City will enjoy the same policies and treatment after coming back to Harbin for employment. The foregoing policies shall be implemented by various institutions under district-level according to their actual conditions.

The Municipal Talent Service Center is responsible for the application and review of enterprises and municipal institutions. Applicants could log on to the "Harbin Talent Network" (URL: or apply through the WeChat official account of "Harbin Talent Service".

Window declaration. Applicants can apply at the window of the Municipal Talent Service Center (Address: Area C, 5th Floor, Building 1, No. 38 Hexing Road, Xiangfang District). Contact number: 0451-84656008.

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