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Enhancing the Business”Soft Environment" to Promote Quick Project Implementation
Two Municipal Key Industrial Project Construction Commenced in Nangang District
2020- 07- 21

On July 20, in Nangang District High-tech Industrial Park, the commencement ceremonies of two municipal key projects of the Smart Creation Park, with Express + E-commerce" as the core, were held at the same time in the microbial propagation production base with an annual output of 50,500 tons of probiotics in Nangang High-tech Industrial Park, which is the result of Nangang District's continuous improvement of the business "soft environment" to promote the rapid project implementation.

With the construction commencement of the Microbial Propagation Production Base Project of Junyi Liangkang Co.,Ltd., the "start button" for the R&D and production of probiotics with an annual output of 50,500 tons was pressed. This project has filled in a gap in agricultural and animal husbandry cycle technology industry in Nangang District ,provided strong strategic support for creating new regional economic growth points and cultivating new development drivers and injected strong impetus into the promotion of high-quality regional economic development.

YTO Express’s Smart Creation Park Project is a comprehensive regional management headquarters project with "express + e-commerce" as its core function, integrating administrative office, logistics distribution and smart cloud warehouse functions. The implementation of this project will definitely take the lead in" opening up the main artery and unblocking the microcirculation", which can not only drive the industrial upgrading of Nangang District, but also have a positive role in promoting the high-quality development of the express logistics industry in Harbin.

Since the beginning of the year, Nangang District Committee and Nangang District Government has been paying equal attention to unswerving epidemic prevention and control work and unwinking industrial investment attraction project work, constantly elevating the ability and level of the follow-up service work of investment attraction. In early January, Nangang District brought out” Nangang District's Support Measures for Promoting Industrial Development”, with various functional departments involved in active coordination and initiative connection, working together to realize the early effects of projects. At the same time, Nangang District has been striving to be a "chief attendant" and mobilizing all forces to provide strong support for industrial project construction in terms of policy, and comprehensive service guarantees in terms of service and using the regional business” soft environment" to cultivate” hard power" for enterprise development. Due to the joint efforts of all departments in the district, the Microbial Propagation Production Base Project of Junyi Liangkang Co.,Ltd. realized investment attraction, signing and construction commencement in the same year. Nangang District will continue to support the development of the enterprise and strict to help the project to realize its designated production scale in the same year.

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