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Heilongjiang Free Trade Zone gets State Council green light
2019- 08- 28

Heilongjiang in Northeast China got the green light to establish its own free trade zone, according to a master plan for six new pilot FTZs announced by the State Council on Aug 26.

Setting up new pilot FTZs is a major decision by the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council, in a strategic move to press ahead with reform and opening up in the new era, according to senior officials.

FTZs serve as pioneers of the country's reform and opening up. They test new styles of foreign investment management, trade facilitation and the transformation of government functions to better integrate the economy with international practices.

According to an implementation plan, the China (Heilongjiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone will cover an area of 119.85 square kilometers and comprises of three areas: a 79.86 sq km Harbin area, the 20 sq km Heihe area and the 19.99 sq km Suifenhe area.

Officials said it will step up cooperation with Russia by facilitating movement of people across the border and encouraging companies to expand overseas, as Heilongjiang shares a long border with Russia to its north and east.

The three areas in the Heilongjiang FTZ will carry out differentiated reform tasks that are in line with their strategic positioning and local characteristics.

The Harbin area in Heilongjiang’s capital city will focus on the development of strategic emerging industries and modern service industries, such as new-generation information technology, new materials, high-end equipment, biomedicines, finance and the winter sports and tourism.

It will serve as a platform for the comprehensive cooperation between China and countries in Northeast Asia. It will also create a growth pole and demonstration zone for the all-round revitalization of the Northeast Asia area.

The Heihe area, lying on the border area of China and Russia, will attach great importance to cross-border energy resources processing and utilization, green foods, trade logistics, tourism, health and border finance. According to the plan, it will become a cross-border industrial cluster and a border city cooperation demonstration zone.

Meanwhile, the FTZ’s Suifenhe area will give full play of the advantages of its location and resource to develop imports and processing of timber, grain and clean energy, as well as trade services and modern logistics.

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