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Heilongjiang moves to mobilize its agricultural sector
2019- 08- 02

A delegation led by Zhang Shuili, chairman of the Xiamen Xiangyu Group, paid a visit to Harbin, in northeastern Heilongjiang province on July 30, in a bid to strengthen its modern agricultural investment and commercial ties.

Wang Wentao, governor of the province, extended his warm welcome to the delegation and exchanged views with Zhang on the supply of raw materials, transportation costs, land leases and the move to attract talent.

Wang expressed his hopes that Xiamen Xiangyu Group could leverage its competitive advantages in its comprehensive services along the agricultural industrial chain to expand its investments in Heilongjiang and help the province to upgrade its agricultural industry.

Wang also said the government of Heilongjiang would launch more policies and measures to create a better business environment and improve the efficiency of its administrative services.

Responding to the call by Heilongjiang officials for closer business ties, Xiamen Xiangyu Group’s Zhang Shuili gave a presentation about his company’s investment strategy and plans in the province. He said that over the last six years it had established three industrial parks in Fujing, Beian and Suihua, with its business scope expanding from grain harvest to deep processing of corn to food cultivation.

Xiamen Xiangyu Group is a wholly State-owned enterprise with its headquarters in Xiamen, in eastern Fujian province.

It focuses on the modern services industry and industrial investment and specialized operations. The investments of the group involve modern services areas, including supply chain management, circulation services, public service platforms, industrial real estate development, real estate, integrated financial services and equity investments.

A delegation led by Zhang Shuili, chairman of Xiamen Xiangyu Group, pays a visit to Harbin, in Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, on July 30. [Photo/Heilongjiang Daily]

Wang Wentao (R), governor of Heilongjiang province, meets with Zhang Shuili, chairman of Xiamen Xiangyu Group, in Harbin on July 30. [Photo/Heilongjiang Daily]

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