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First ice stock training center established in Harbin
2019- 08- 02

The first training facility in China for the unusual winter sport of ice stock – also known as Bavarian curling -- was established recently in the Aoyu Curling Center in Pingfang district, in Harbin, northeastern Heilongjiang province, according to officials.

Ice stock is a winter sport that originated in the 16th century and is very popular in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany and other countries around the European Alps.

The sport resembles the other winter sport of curling, but the rules are simpler and easier for ordinary people to master.

Officials said the new facility, which was established on July 30, will be used as an ice stock players and coaches training center, preparing the way for the China Cup competition of 2019 International Federation Icestocksport.

At the same day, the Harbin Ice Stock Association, the first of its kind in China, was also established.

The Harbin municipal sports bureau signed a cooperation agreement with the International Federation Icestocksport to introduce the China Cup Ice Stock Competition to Harbin, which is expected to boost the development of winter sports in the city.

A founding ceremony for China’s first ice stock training center is held in Aoyu Curling Center in Pingfang district, Harbin, in Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, on July 30. [Photo/]

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