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Harbin rolls out intelligent robot classrooms
2019- 03- 07

The first batch of intelligent robot classrooms to be rolled out in the northern city of Harbin went into service at four schools in Pingfang district on March 5.

The classrooms were funded by the Pingfang district government and the Harbin Baiwei City Development Foundation, at a total investment of 1.89 million yuan ($281,800).

The classrooms are designed to inspire students’ interest in robotic technologies. Each classroom is equipped with 18 intelligent robots in the shape of a human being and courses are offered on the principles behind robot structural designs, as well as cyber programming and robot motion controls.

Xinjiang No 1 Primary School, Harbin Youxie No 3 Primary School, Harbin Dongan Yingcai Middle School and Harbin No 162 Middle School are the first schools using the intelligent robot education classrooms.

Robots take to the floor to perform a nimble dance routine, at the launch ceremony for intelligent robot education classrooms that took place at Xinjiang No 1 Primary School, in Pingfang district, Harbin, on March 5. [Photo/]

An intelligent robot education classroom put into use in Xinjiang No 1 Primary School on March 5. [Photo/]

Students from Xinjiang No 1 Primary School operate robots at a newly-established intelligent robot education classroom on March 5. [Photo/]

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