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Harbin hospital successfully conducts heart transplant
2018- 04- 10

A heart myxoma patient in Heilongjiang underwent a successful heart transplant at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, on March 31.

The woman, identified as Jin Ying, 35, was diagnosed with heart myxoma –– a myxoid tumor of primitive connective tissue in the heart –– in 2003.

The procedure was carried out by a team led by Xie Baodong, deputy director of the cardiac surgery department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University.

During the 8-hour operation, Xie and his assistants successfully connected a new heart donated by a 29-year-old organ donor to Jin’s body.

The operation marks the first successful heart transplant in China, on a patient that had had three open thoracotomies over a 15-year period.

Jin was able to stop using the intubation ventilator and begin eating solid food at 2 pm on April 1, only 10 hours after the operation.

“The patient will have a bright future if she passes through the heart rejection period,” said Xie.

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