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Enjoy Northeast China cuisine with Shangri-La hotels
2018- 11- 07

Shangri-La hotels in Northeast China presented a feast of local cuisine themed "Seeking the Taste of Nature" on Nov 1. The special promotion will last until Nov 30.

Chefs from Shangri-La Hotel Harbin, Songbei Shangri-La, Shangri-La Hotel Shenyang, Shangri-La Hotel Dalian, Shangri-La Hotel Changchun and Hotel Jen by Shangri-La, showcased their skills in the cafeteria and offered guests a banquet soaked with original local flavor.

Ingredients from the field to the forest and from the mountains to the sea, including yellow mushrooms, corn, black pork, venison, sea bream, sauerkraut and Wuchang rice gave chefs new culinary inspiration to create fresh and delicious recipes.

A total of 13 creative dishes such as steamed Wuchang rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, old Dongbei steamed pork, braised red dates and venison , tomato cooked coriander meatballs, Laobian dumplings and clams in stone pots, were presented as dishes characteristic of the region.

There are different stories behind each dish, with each demonstrating its unique local heritage.

The authentic feast created by seven chefs showcased the culinary styles of six Shangri-La hotels in Northeast China.

Tourists are able to indulge in a taste of northeastern China at Shangri-La Hotel Harbin and Songbei Shangri-La from Nov 1. If they join the Golden Circle Club, they can enjoy a 30 percent discount.

For details, please call (0451) 8485 8888 (Shangri-La Hotel Harbin) and (0451) 5862 9999 (Songbei Shangri-La), or check the official Weibo and WeChat platforms of the two hotels.

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